Participation Guidelines


1. A contestant must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth

2. A contestant must be female and shall always have been female

3. A contestant must be of good character and must not have been involved at any time in any act of moral turpitude. She must not have been convicted of any crime nor have any criminal charge pending against her. She may not have been involved in any activity that is or could be characterized as dishonest, immoral, indecent, or in bad taste

4. A contestant must be in reasonably good health and can to the best of her knowledge participate fully and without limitation in any pageant activities

5. A contestant must possess poise, personality, intelligence, charm, and must possess and display talent. Talent may consist of singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, dramatic reading, art display, dress designing or a talk. Other talent may be used by contestants provided said other talent has been specifically approved in writing by the Director

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