Welcome to the Most Finest Royal Queen Nigeria beauty Pageant. We are honored that you have decided to compete in this extremely unique pageant. MFRQN is open to all women who understand that this is not a “beauty pageant” but a program that judges women on a broad range of qualities: personal interview, formal interview wear, talent, and the capability to speak with confidence, poise and grace. Women in this pageant are intelligent, talented, and accomplished and are seeking ways that assist them in pursuing their life goals educationally and professionally. MFRQN is set to inspire, motivate and lift young girls to the realization that they are strong, independent, capable young ladies who can accomplish anything they set their mind to. You will be asked to abide by rules and guidelines. Please understand that in order to remain in the competition, you must agree and abide by these rules and guidelines. It is extremely important that you abide by this rules and guidelines. We wish you luck! But, most importantly have fun!


The mission of MFRQN is to motivate, encourage and empower young girls in Nigeria through mentoring, leadership, development, capacity building and collaboration to develop sense of self-esteem, confidence and nation building


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