How to sponsor and partner


Most finest Royal Queen Nigeria present various Sponsorship opportunities together with commercial benefits and rewards for sponsors.

Participation in the sponsorship opportunities is a prudent commercial investment in promoting, marketing and branding a sponsor’s business or products.

In addition to the commercial benefit listed below, sponsorship greatly contributes toward fulfilling the social responsibility obligations of the sponsor’s organization.

Any level of sponsorship in goods, services or cash is much appreciated and helps invaluable to promote the program good causes.

We can adopt a completely flexible approach to sponsorship but there are various standard levels of sponsor’s rewards available which are outline below.

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Platinum Package

  • Handling of the total budget, Exclusive branding and merchandising right to the event

Silver Package

  • Taking care of 25% of the total budget.

Product Support

  • 10% of the total sum or direct provision of facilities, equipment and product as souvenir


  • * Special promo video to be shown on TV, website and all social media throughout the period of the pageantry leading up to the Grand coronation show.
  • * Prominent mentioned in all pre and post television.
  • * All contestant to be interviewed on TV
  • * Contestants make advert challenge competition or task

  • * Banner (with logo) placement on our Instagram, twitter, facebook page, with hot link to company website.
  • * Logo placement on all contestants social media account

  • * Prominent logo placement on all media promotional marketing materials, press releases, poster, fliers, tickets and associated invitations.
  • * Opportunity to display promotional material and/or provide product samples on the day of the event
  • * Prominent signage at prime areas of the events including pageant final venue
  • * Your product and organization’s visual advert will be played on screen reel-time at the event.
  • * Sponsors representative to present prizes and awards at the pageantry final

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