About Competition


- Private Interview with judges

- Interview Attire

- Talent

- Evening Wear

- Dinner wear

- Voting


1. All interviews will be no longer than 7 minutes

2. There is no opening statement. The judges immediately start the interview

3. At 6 minutes 30 seconds, the contestant is given the opportunity to make a 30 second closing statement

4. If discussion ends before the 30 seconds are up, then the interview is over

5. The interview is confidential even after the pageant is over


1. From the beginning of the contestant's introduction to the end of her walk-turn segment, each contestant's time in Interview Attire competition should not exceed 20 seconds

2. Background music will be provided

3. The clothes you wear affect all your attitude and confidence levels


1. You can be born with these, or work up to them: singing; flexibility; acting; classical music; dancing (ballet, modern, tap, lyrical); gymnastics; cheerleading; acting, etc.

2. All talent performers are solo acts and must be performed with no other person on the stage

3. No acts which may constitute a danger require elaborate prop setup or use of live animals will be permitted

4. Talent must be live. If taped accompaniment is used and the contestant pantomimes, the name of the artist on the recording must be disclosed in the talent introduction and there can be no illusion that the contestant is singing

5. There can be no duplication of a talent act among the contestants. For example: A contestant may not include in a vocal medley the same song another contestant is planning to sing as a solo or as part of a different medley. BUT, the same song may be played by one contestant on a musical instrument, sung by another contestant, and used as accompaniment for a dancer

6. The time limit for talent presentation is 90 seconds. Nothing longer will be accepted, and this will be strictly enforced! Contestants should plan a performance that will not exceed this limit. Judges will be informed immediately if a contestant runs over her allotted time. Each judge will then use this information to assist is determining his/her score of the contestant’s talent competition


1. Contestants are allowed to wear any type of Evening Wear (i.e. pants, cocktail dresses, or the traditional gown)

2. Background music should be provided


Judges will score each area of competition. Each contestant is scored individually, not comparatively. Each contestant is scored immediately after each phase of competition.

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